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Skin Specialist

Skin Specialist

Most of the people are confused about the skin specialist plus a dermatologist. The skin doctors will keep you away from the skin-related problem happen in your body parts. But the dermatologist will give the remedy to skin, hair, also nails. These do all the main differences of skin specialist including a dermatologist. 

Skincare specialists use a variety of methods to beautify and cleanse the body and face to enhance the skin’s appearance. They have many tasks and responsibilities, including analyzing the conditions of their clients’ skin, recommending products they should use, providing facial and full-body treatment services and performing hair removal.

what's responsbility have Skin Specialist

  • Examine clients’ skin carefully using the appropriate tools to determine skin appearance and condition so the right treatments may be provided
  • Sterilize equipment and ensure work areas are clean and sanitary
  • Use face masks and peels and other specialized products and techniques to treat clients’ facial skin to improve texture and appearance
  • Determine which colors or products will effectively suit clients and improve their specific quality of skin
  • Perform simple blackhead extraction as needed to help clients achieve healthy, clean and acne-free skin
  • Demonstrate proper techniques for cleaning and caring for skin and recommend skincare regimens based on client needs
  • Analyze skin issues and determine whether you are able to treat the problem or if the client needs to be referred to a medical specialist for further analysis
  • Stay up to date on the latest industry trends, treatments, products and research so you can effectively and safely advise and treat clients

Dr.Navneet Bansal
M.B.B.S , D.N.D()

Worked in Deen dayal Upadhya hospital, Mata chanan devi hospital, bhagat Chandra hospital, rescue Hospital.



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