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Sleep Study

Sleep Study

The sleep study tests are extremely helpful, which are conducted while the patient is sleeping. These sleep tests identify the sleep disorders. They are helpful in the sense that doctors can use them to find the severity of a person’s sleep disorder is as they can trigger same fatal diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and several other types of medical conditions. Not only this, but sleep disorders can also increase the risk of several types of injuries such as falling off and having car or other road accidents.

How sleep tests are helping the patients at Samar Hospital?

It is a known fact in the medical field that most of the people aren’t aware of their breathing and other types of movements while they are sleeping. Due to the lack of awareness people never bother taking any medical help because they are not aware about the consequences of several types of sleep disorders. The doctors emphasize on the fact that sleep orders can be dangerous if they are not being treated or reported to the doctor. The patients are advised to consult their doctor if they have a habit of heavy snoring or feel extremely tired while outside the home at work or in school. If you feel that you feel difficulty in falling asleep or you sleep too less then consult our doctors at Samar Hospital with immediate effect. These are the most basic types of sleep disorders which can become serious if not tackled timely.

On your visit to us, you might be taken for some sleep disorder tests by putting you to sleep by the doctors. Based on those tests, the sleep disorder specialists at Samar Hospital would give his recommendations and the treatment advice if desirable. The sleep tests can help to diagnose the following types of sleep disorders:

Breathing disorder while sleeping such as apnea.
Seizure disorders
Movement disorders
Sleep disorder causing tiredness at work or school
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