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Physiotherapy & Rehab.

Physiotherapy & Rehab.

Physiotherapy and rehab or Physiotherapy rehabilitation is intended to optimize different types of functions and well being of people, which actually helps any patient get back into their normal working routine or any sort of leisure activities.

The rehabilitation process at Samar Hospital critically aims of the changes in functional disability and any sort of lifestyle restrictions, which is essentially dependent on the particular patient’s own goals for the buy copy cartier ballon bleu watches functional improvement.

What Physiotherapists at Samar Hospital have to say about the Physiotherapy and Rehab?

Our physiotherapists suggest that the self management under the guidance of a professional and experienced physiotherapist is a better option then the patient should prefer to go for this option as it has no side effects and the recovery and the rehabilitation program is much quicker with better results. The patients are advised to come for follow up checkups and our concerned doctors will pay a visit to the patient in the rehabilitation center or at their home to see the progress.

Our physiotherapist according to the condition of the patient might refer him to a rehabilitation center where much care is guaranteed and the patient everyday shows improvement.

Depending on the condition of the patient, we have the rehabilitation programs that are designed from a few weeks to a few months. Progress is determined regularly and the programs can be molded according to the progress shown by the patient.

Samar Hospital has a vast range of Physiotherapy and Rehab programs that you can choose as per your condition. More information can be provided on call or during the visit to the hospital.

Dr. Arvind Gautam

Dr Arvind Gautam practices as a consultant Psychiatrist at Tirupti polyclinic Dwarka. He is the current National  President of Association of  DNB doctors and medical  advisor to clinirx



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