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Pediatrics is a branch of medical science which essentially deals with the health and treatment of infants, kids and adolescent up to the age of 18 years. Pediatrics in other words mean `Healer of kids` and it is for this reason a pediatrician is also known as a child specialist.

Pediatricians at Samar Hospital

Our pediatricians are not only capable of treating chronically or acutely ill children, but they can also provide preventive health services for healthy children. The treatment for children involves all sorts of medical aspects including physical, mental and their emotional health in both sickness and health. The duty of pediatrician is a lot more complicated than most of the other major specialists as dealing and understanding the disorders and issues of children is one heck of a job.

There has been a serious rise in the death of infants and young children for a number of reasons in the recent few years. This has made the job of pediatrician a lot more complicated as they are required to control the spread of all sorts of children`s diseases and also treat them in every possible manner. The following is a list of some of the treatments which you can expect from our pediatrician to treat in the children under the age of 18 years:

  • All types of injuries.
  • All types of infections.
  • Genetic and congenital disorders.
  • Cancer diseases in children.
  • Organic diseases.
  • Organic dysfunctions.

The responsibility of a pediatrician is not only limited to the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions but it is also expected from a pediatrician to provide a child with long term effects on the health and quality of life.


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