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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Along with various other surgeries, Samar Hospital has specialized team of doctors who perform successful

Laproscopic surgeries.

Laparoscopy surgery is performed to access the internal abdomen and pelvis without any need of putting large incision marks. This type of surgery is also alternatively known as the keyhole surgery. Large incisions on the abdominal skin are avoided by using the laparoscope mechanism. It is basically a very small tube with a small torch and a small camera. It is inserted inside the abdomen or pelvis and the images can be seen on the monitor by the surgeons.

The following are some of the advantages of the laparoscopic surgery:

Surgery can be performed as an outpatient or maximum the patient might need to stay just for one night.
The laparoscopic surgery has an extremely quick recovery time.
It is far less painful with lesser bleeding during and after the surgery.
It also has very reduced surgical scar marks which take far less time to recover as compared to the other techniques.

How the Laparoscopy surgery is performed at Samar Hospital?

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.  The surgery starts by making incisions around the abdominal area by the surgeon. Through the incision, the laparoscopic instrument is inserted along with the tube and light source which pumps gas into the abdomen. With this setup and technique, the surgical process is easily carried out by the surgeon by having a good and comfortable look inside the abdomen. The doctors operate inside the abdomen which can take about an hour. After the surgical objectives are achieved, the surgeons remove the gas and the instruments from the stomach. The incision points are then stitched and the dressing is applied. Most of the times, the doctors allow the patients to go home the same day but sometimes they are required to stay overnight under observation.

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