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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine, also known as General Medicine is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of several adult diseases. The physicians dealing with the internal medicine at Samar Hospital are specialized in this particular field and are called internists. The internists are also often called as ‘doctor’s doctor’ because they are often called in to help other specialized doctors.

Internal Medicine typically covers a wide range of internal body organs for treatment such as kidney, heart, brain, urinary tract, liver, muscles, joints and lungs, etc. The majority of the diseases discovered in medical science do affect a single body organ, but there are some other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer etc. which can attack multiple organs of your body.

The internists at Samar Hopsital are trained well to cover all the diseases that fall well within the Internal Medicine spectrum. The Internal Medicine in reality has multiple applications and deals with almost all aspects of pathology and other organ based disorders.

The internists here deal openly with all sorts of problem which a patient brings, no matter how common or rare. Their intense training helps them to cure complex disorders and can control rigorous persistent illnesses, where numerous illnesses can also strike at the same time. Bringing awareness to the patients about the Internal Medicine disorders is also the responsibility of our internists especially telling them that how the disease can be prevented and how it is treated as well.

We at Samar Hospital aim to provide the most comprehensive internal medicine treatment to our clients.


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