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The Gastroenterology is a specialized branch of medical science dealing with the functioning of the digestive tract, mainly the stomach, intestines and liver. It is a sub domain of the internal medicine.

At Samar Hospital, we have an illustrious team of Gastroenterologists, let by our founder, Dr. S.K. Sama, Chairman of Department of Gastroenterology at SIr Ganga Ram Hospital, and Forner Chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Our facility includes a fully equipped video endoscopy water resistant replica omega seamaster watches suite.

Following are some of the symptoms and conditions related to gastroenterology disorders:

Any sort of abdominal pain or uneasiness.
Internal abdominal bleeding.
Difficulty in swallowing food or thick fluids.
Stomach, Pancreas, Liver or Colorectal cancer.
Stomach ulcers
Sudden weight loss
Diverticular diseases such as the polyps, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn and Colitis diseases.
Gallbladder disorders
Stomach upset
Celiac and Lactose diseases which are the malabsorption disorders
Hiatal hernias
Liver disease
Inflammation in the digestive tract.

All the above mentioned disorders come in the symptoms and conditions diosorders related to gastroenterology and our doctors are fully experienced in treating these symptoms to cure your problem.


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