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Cardiac Sciences

Cardiac Sciences

The cardiac science is the science about heart, its associated functioning and impact on the overall body and health. Extensive research is carried on cardiac sciences by a number of universities and elegant fake iwc de vinci watches medical institutes worldwide just because it is considered as the heart of medical science.

Doctors at Sama Hospital specialize in cardiac sciences before they can authoritatively treat patients of all ages and genders, having cardiac problems. Our team dealing with cardiac sciences/ cardiac treatment/ cardiac surgery consists of cardiac surgeon, anesthetists, healthcare science assistants, cardiology specialist, cardiac specialized nursing staff, operation theater practitioners, associates and the radiographers.

Procedures carried out in Cardiac Sciences at Samar Hospital

Our cardiac science staff examines patients, which can be a very testing and stressful time for the patients. For most of the patients it is a very risky situation and they might get diagnosed with some fatal cardiac disorder. Nevertheless, the cardiac sciences have developed rapidly over the past few years and the treatment options and chances both are better today as they used to be some time back.

The following are some of the common procedures carried out in cardiac sciences a our hospital:

Echocardiography – This procedure incorporates the ultrasound mechanism to get the pictures of the heart in order to help getting the problem diagnosed. Further, this procedure also monitors several symptoms which can affect the proper functioning of the heart including the valves and muscles of the heart.

Pacemaker implantation and follow up – This procedure involves taking the measurements and also programming the pacemaker installed inside for ensuring the proper functioning of the heart. The follow up checkups are inevitable on a long term basis in order to ensure the functioning and the current condition of the heart.

Exercise stress testing – This procedure examines the patient while he is exercising particularly on a treadmill. The procedure notes down the functioning of the heart while the person is on the move on a treadmill.
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