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Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

We all know that "Beauty comes from the Inside".  Sometimes however, inner beauty needs a little help coming out. the goal of Aesthetic or Cosmetic surgery is to improve your appearance. This may be done by removing undesirable features such as scars, unwanted hair, or male breasts (gynacomastia). Alternatively, it may be done by augmenting desirable characteristics, such as female breast implants. In yet other cases, cosmetic surgery is performed to reverse natural age changes, such as facelifts. In all cases, the process requires sophisticated techniques, experience, and an understanding of human aesthetics. 

The Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery team at Samar Hospital has all the necessary expertise required in this domain.

 The list of cosmetic procedures performed at our hospital is divided into three categories:

  • Face Clinic
  • Hair Clinic
  • Body Clinic

The reconstructive surgery at our hospital on the other hand is intended to cure the various types of facial irregularities due to birth defects, traumatic and after-surgery malformations usually caused as a result of the treatment of skin cancer.

The first step in the aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery involves a consultation session with our plastic surgeon where the goals and objectives of the plastic surgical process are determined. You can call for an appointment for the surgeon of your choice, or book an appointment online.  The plastic surgeons will explain the benefits and risks of the procedure, as well as the alternatives.

Once scheduled, the surgery is performed as either as a day care (majority of cases) or at most and overnight stay. 

At Samar Hospital, we assure you of a comfortable stay and the most advanced aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. So go ahead, reach for your full potential.


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